Thank you for visiting and shopping Opal Stone Jewelry! This little business is owned and operated by one passionate Michigan creative, Katelyn Kronshage.

Katelyn is from the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan, the tip top bit surrounded by beautiful Lake Superior. Katelyn connected her creative ideas and dreams to the fantastical natural world that surrounded her. In her youth, making things on a weekly to daily basis, Katelyn attended local art classes and camps, and learned a great deal of craft from her extremely talented mother.

Later, after secondary school, Katelyn continued her passion for creativity and attended Western Michigan University to study Art. She graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Metals/Jewelry. Along with her major study, Katelyn took years of printmaking and ceramics classes, which pushed her to expand her knowledge of the phrase ‘to create’ in general.

“I am so pleased to bring my art into this world, to share it with you is something that I cannot explain in words. Actually, my focus is not words, it is a visual language, so please enjoy the visuals that I lovingly provide and maybe consider taking a part of my world home with you today. “

xoxo Katelyn

A very big thank you to my companion creatives who help make this online shop a success:

Jaimie Skriba - Photography

Katie Zychowski - Photography

Hayley Hungerford - Floral

Nick Hartman - Photo/Editing Assistance