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Opal Stone

The art and jewelry created and brought to you through Opal Stone Jewelry and Fine Art, is the small business owned by Michigan artist Katelyn Kronshage. Katelyn has been making art and jewelry since she was a little girl and takes great joy sharing her creations with the world. If you are firstly wondering about the name, Opal Stone, here is the short story. Katelyn's always been an admirer and friend to animals, a few years ago, she acquired a hamster and named her Opal. Opal was the inspiration for a very productive time creating art works for Exhibition and jewelry for local markets. Opal had to be part of the business name, it was only fair. Stone comes in through the maiden name of Katelyn's mother, Genevieve. Genevieve taught Katelyn about art and how to design anything she put her mind to. Katelyn has a degree in Metals/Jewelry, making the word 'Stone' a very appropriate addition to the business name, Opal Stone Jewelry and Fine Art. The works found within this online shop are all hand made and fabricated in Katelyn's home studio where she experiments with new materials and incorporates old favorites. Please enjoy, and maybe consider purchasing, the art that is lovingly presented to you by this creature of an artist.

Photo: Jaimie Skriba Photography